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Reprocessing or reconditioning contaminated cargo

As part of our broad range of transhipment services Transoil has access to a number of sophisticated separation technologies for reprocessing. We deliver our filtration services at storage sites as well as on board of vessels by setting up our portable reprocessing equipment.

It sometimes may occur that you face off-spec cargo of petroleum or other petrochemical products despite the strict operational procedures practised by transportation, production and storage companies. Although ‘downgrading’ is an option, the costs could be substantial. Distillation is another option but may not be feasible due to significant costs for transportation, storage and refining losses.

With our technical knowledge, qualified staff and portable equipment we provide the most economical and commercial solution by reprocessing or reconditioning a contaminated cargo

Transoil understands the sense of urgence. To serve you quick and easy we always keep different types of equipment ready to rent for short temporary jobs. Also we keep a certain amount of consumables in stock.

Our project engineers are able to train your operators on- and offshore (they have qualified paperwork to go offshore) how to handle our equipment or they can do the start-up phase. We also rent equipment designed to your specifications. Please contact us if you don’t see any specific equipment listed below.