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Safety for all

Safety for all

All our employees consider health, safety and environmental protection to be the highest priorities. The priviledge of conducting business with our custumers demands excellence in the safe execution of all tasks. We express our value to safety through our SCC certificate. We

  • Insure the health and safety of our employees and third parties through a safety management system. Our targets are clear: zero injuries, zero negative impacts to the environment and zero equipment damage,
  • comply with all appropiate laws, regulations and company policies and procedures  as well as embrace accepted industry guidelines.
  • select and engage contractors whose commitment to health and safety can be verified through a safety management system,
  • monitor and openly report on our performance and seek continuous improvement

Additionally, Transoil is ISO 9001 certified by DNV.
This certification indicades that Transoil;

  • has a quality management system in place,
  • has verifiable processes in place to seek out and address nonconformities, and 
  • continually seeks for further improvement