transoil payoff


A matter of economics

Oil tankers and gas carriers carry huge amounts of bulk cargo, which not necessarily have to be unloaded in one single port. Often oversized carriers like VLCC and ULCC do not berth in a port or at a jetty for discharging due to draught restrictions. In these conditions ship to ship transfer can be an economic solution. Transhipment benefits especially large oil tankers. It saves both berthing charges and the time for berthing and mooring.

Transoil offers a wide range of marine equipment and services for all ship to ship (STS) transfers of bulk liquids between all types of vessels around the world. Our experienced superintendents and Mooring Masters are dedicated to handle your STS transfers efficiently, safely and with respect for the ecological environment we are working in.

What is STS (ship to ship transfer)?
STS refers to transferring a ship’s cargo (oil or gas) from a merchant tanker or bulk carrier to a tanker or vessel positioned alongside. The STS operation can be performed either as the ships are at anchor or  underway. In any case it requires proper conditions, the right equipment, highly experienced staff and  official permission to perform such an operation.