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Transoil has a widely known reputation within the cargo surveying industry. With a dedicated team of qualified professionals we have carried out numerous cargo surveys and we have overseen cargo operations as superintendents across a wide spectrum of dry and wet cargoes. Whatever the operation (loading, ischarge, STS operation) or whatever the cargo, we have expertise available to protect your interests. We know how to treat dry goods, crude oil, chemicals, bio-fuel,  LNG/LPG and various petroleum products.

Bunker surveys
A Bunker Survey is carried out to measure and ascertain the quantity of Bunker on board at the specific time. This survey is produced the report that states the amount of bunker, usually Fuel Oil (FO) and Diesel Oil (DO), and sometimes Lubricating Oil (LO) is included. In surveying the stemmed bunkers we can assure the bunker purchaser the amount of bunkers purchased is also delivered and noted correctly on the BDN.

Download factsheet Bunker surveying services (PDF)

Draft surveys
The vessel draft survey measures the displacement of the water both before and after the loading or unloading, with the resulting difference between the two displacements representing the weight of the cargo. Our surveyors work according to defined international guidelines when determining the weight of the cargo and consider several key factors while making their surveys.

Download factsheet Marine & cargo services (PDF)

Cargo surveys
Transoil inspects ships, barges, trains, etc to ensure that the condition of the carrier is suitable for the shipment of your cargo.  We identify any problems that might affect the cargo during shipment and ensure they are addressed before it is too late.  Our surveyors also represent you during loading and unloading. They also conduct inspections of various vessel conditions and do visual inspections to verify that the cargo being shipped is that described on the order form. 

Download factsheet Marine & cargo services (PDF)